“Like every generation that preceded us, we have been endowed with a weak Messianic power, a power to which the past has a claim. That claim cannot be settled cheaply.”

—Walter Benjamin

Materia Prima is the result of a long study on heritage, education and future that started back in 2004 and ends with this piece, finishing what has come to be called The Trilogy of the Sentimental Education. On this occasion, the materials from Actos de Juventud, scenes, texts and actions, are lived, contaminated and transformed by four young actors, each of them ten years of age.

This piece offers the chance of seeing these four beings as bodies that are historical and political from birth bodies full of meaning. Messengers that in their infinite possibility of yet becoming any kind of human, teach us that we are also children, teach us to remember and to think. Will their historical conscience scare us? Will it be strange to hear them talk like adults do, or does everything seem normal to us these days?

Teatro Jornal (Brazil)

“It is beautiful how they, as writers and directors, reach simbolic truth, how they inspire, how the find art. In a beautiful and ethic construction of affections.”

El Excelsior (Mexico)

“A generation emerging over the Berlin wall ruins, that becomes present in the recovery, full of freshness, of a personal and artistic ethics. These young Spanish bet on legitimising the greatness of art, the powers of theatre.”

Toute La Culture

“A total immersion in the heart of the Alpha generation. A treasure.”

Nausicaa Ferro

Opened August 11th, 2011 at the Roman Theatre in Sagunto

Creation and text: Itsaso Arana, Pablo Fidalgo, Violeta Gil and Celso Giménez
On stage: Ginebra Ferreira (Lucia Oña/Irene Paniagua), Gonzalo Herrero, Siro Ouro and Candela Recio
Light design and technical coordination: Eduardo Vizuete

Original Music: Merran Laginestra
Wardrobe design: Pedro y el Lobo and La tristura
Photo and documentation: Juan Rayos and Mario Zamora
With the support by: Festival d́Estiu Sagunt a Escena and INAEM