“A dim capacity for wings demeans the dress I wear”

—Emily Dickinson

Años 90. Nacimos para ser estrellas is journey through the last decade of the twentieth century, from the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 , to the fall of the Twin Towers, in 2001, using the intimate story of two grown men. It is a love story, a voyage from the private to the public sphere, a reflection on the last big events in history. A cry over the twentieth century. A love story that tells the history of the World.

The 90´s start on the earth, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, and finish in the sky, with the planes destroying the Twin Towers. That is the sky that we have wanted to build. A sky from which the stars come down to save us. And that way their story ends.

Años 90. Nacimos para ser estrellas is a fable about creation, about inspiration, about light. Evermore man has raised questions up to the sky. And sometimes, he’s gotten an answer.

Cartelera Turia

“They are very young, but as artists they show an enviable maturity. Intense, emotional, lucid. The authors are vitally committed to their time and to themselves.”

Nel Diago


“This company has the most beautiful images and the toughest texts.”

Peio H. Riaño

Teatro Madrid

“A paradoxically mature work, extraordinarily demanding from the formal point of view, dispossessed and without concessions, beautiful and intimate.”

Eduardo Pérez-Rasilla

Años 90. Nacimos para ser estrellas opened May 1st, 2008 at El Canto de la Cabra, Madrid

Creation: Itsaso Arana, Pablo Fidalgo, Violeta Gil and Celso Giménez
Text: Pablo Fidalgo and Celso Giménez
On Stage: Itsaso Arana and Violeta Gil


Light Design: David Benito
David Benito and Mario Zamora
With the support by: Aula de Teatro de la Universidad de Alcalá, La Casa Encendida, INAEM and El Canto de la Cabra